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We devote ourselves interminably whenever it comes about your pets. Our veterinarians will provide 24/7 services to examine the health of your pet. We provide appropriate and obligatory consultations to all of your inquiries related to your pets’ health. We make sure that your pet stays healthy and illness stays far-off.

Routinely check-ups will apprise you about your pet’s health. Now, the question arises, how often does my pet need check-ups? It entirely depends on its age, if it’s a puppy or a kitten; you need to bring your pet to the vet on the mentioned dates for the vaccinations. But if your pet is an adult, monthly or yearly check-ups are suitable for them.

Our consultation appointments include General Veterinary Consulting, Preventive Check-up, All round examination, Ageing pet examination, Puppy/Kitten examination, Vaccination and De-worming, and Dental Check-up.

Medication prescribed post consultation for every animal is entirely disparate and varies with their problem.

Prime Animal Care Offers Complete Veterinary Services to keep your companions feeling their best.