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There come some days when everyone requires some medical assistance and so does your beloved pet. We, at Prime Animal Care, are here to help you and your pets on those gloomy days.

We own fully-equipped and advanced laboratories to thoroughly diagnose your pets and detect their ailment. Once we pinpoint the problem, we immediately start effective and appropriate treatments and medications. In our laboratories, we also intend to provide therapeutic services to ensure complete health-giving to your pets.

The foremost and state-of-the-art services of our clinic include X-Ray, ECG, Ultrasound and Pathology Laboratory Testing. We profoundly go through every bygone problem of your pet to determine and understand which organ(s) or disease(s) is causing the problem. Whether they need to stay or not, depends on their illness and condition. The age of the animal plays a vital role in the medication, just like us.

Prime Animal Care Offers Complete Veterinary Services to keep your companions feeling their best.