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Grooming is essential to keep your pets’ skin and coat clean and to make them look comely. Just like you, your pets also require a ‘spa day’ so that they can look and feel their best.

In the long list of the premium quality services provided by us, grooming is one of them. Our professionals ensure to provide a spa like experience and care to your beloved pet. Services such as bathing, shampooing, oiling, blow drying, ear cleaning, nail clipping and hair styling etc are available here.

Since all breeds are not similar, one being furrier, taller or heavier than the other, each pet will be treated as an individual and given appropriate care.

Bathing services provided by us include regular baths, shampoo, and medicated baths. You can choose from these options to make sure that all your pets’ skin problems are washed away.

Timely nail clipping is important as when the nails of your pet dog grow bigger; they curl and create problems in walking. This can also lead to infections as they can pierce into their paws. Our groomers use state of the art equipments to mow the nails of dogs so that they don’t suffer from a bad case of overgrown.

Our professionals pamper your pet with the grooming that they require so that your cosseted friend can go home, fresh, neat and beauteous.

Prime Animal Care Offers Complete Veterinary Services to keep your companions feeling their best.