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Prime Animal Care uses modern surgical methods and tools to give good outcomes. Our hospital has state of the art surgical suites along with a wide range of surgical equipment which are capable of handling emergency surgeries as well. The surgical procedures provided by us include General and Advanced Surgery, Spaying and Neutering.

Before recommending your pet for surgery, our veterinarians will closely examine and do tests to determine if there will be any complication. Depending upon the urgency of the surgery, the medications would be modified and sometimes the surgeries can get postponed or cancelled until doing the surgery is safe.

We understand your pet’s pain and employ a multi-modal approach to reduce it. We provide pain reduction medication and anesthetics, specifically tailored to your pet. Post operation, we keep monitoring your pet’s health so that they wake up under our skilled veterinarians surveillance.

Prime Animal Care Offers Complete Veterinary Services to keep your companions feeling their best.